Ahoy Stringbandoleros!
Here you will find png or jpeg images of the banjo tab for each tune, as well as sound files of each tune played at a reasonable pace by Greg (fiddle), Jere (guitar) and Candy (banjo). Recordings were made with the knowledge and consent of the musicians for non-commercial use only. All content is licensed under Creative Commons (see below).

I hope that if you live near Seattle, you will come play with us at Candy, Greg and Jere's class and you just need this website as a little reminder of what you've already learned.
If you live far far away from Seattle, then I hope you have a bunch of friends who learn by ear so you can all learn these tunes and play them together. After all, it's more fun that way! And if you haven't got that, I encourage you to bring yourself and your instrument to a festival and find some friends or a teacher.

**A Note To Banjo Tab Readers**
Try to learn the tune by ear. If you find you need to refer to the tab, here are a few things you might like to know. This tab is far from authoritative. There are bound to be mistakes and different interpretations, so do not feel obligated to adhere strictly to the written tab. To save space I have sometimes cut corners (measures?): Rather than notating a pick up and then first and second endings, I may have offset the beat by one - sometimes you'll find that what looks like the one beat in the tab is actually the four (usually if that's the case I have tried to point to the real one beat at the beginning). I put some notes in parentheses either to show a variation that you might play some of the time, or to emphasize where the melody note is. For example, it might be a brush-thumb where only the melody note is not in parentheses. Also, if you see an "X" note, that means don't play it. I notated with Xs instead of rests to indicate that you should still make a downward movement with your frailing hand to keep the rhythm, but just don't hit any strings. I hope it becomes clear on listening. If you have any confusion, listen again. Then feel free to write me (address below). Or just make up your own way that works for you. mayaw AT uw.edu